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Tired of cheesy wedding videos?

Okay, here's the deal. People have this idea that wedding videos are these cheesified monstrosities that always include Celine Dion, floating hearts, and the feeling you get listening to "Time in a Bottle" in a white dress, while releasing doves...

The timeless dove thing is cool, but it's just not us.

We're a group of filmmakers who make a different kind of wedding video. That's why the crazy name...Sanctified Crack Gorilla Productions, Inc. We make movies, commercials, music videos, etc., and we bring the same creativity to all of our products. But don't trust me, check out our demo. Click on the demo request button on this page or email our lovely Tiffany with your wedding date, mailing address, and favorite movie. Her email address is Tiffscgproductions.com. You will receive a DVD demo and everything you need to book your date.

Oh Yeah!  I almost forgot...check out the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about us.

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